Now He’s Just Messing With Us

Last Tuesday was Declan’s 4 month check up. Usually Kayleigh will send me a text when they’re finishing up to let me know how everything went. At around noon I hadn’t heard from Kayleigh so I sent her a message to see if they were done yet. Instead of replying, Kayleigh called me back and left a voicemail. When I had a chance I checked, and the voicemail just said something like, “Please call me back when you get this.”

This isn’t like Kayleigh, and really isn’t the kind of message anyone likes to get from a loved one, so I had to hold on tight to keep from jumping to some horrible conclusion. I called Kayleigh back and she said that there had been a problem when Declan got his shots. He screamed, and screamed, and screamed (just like every other baby who gets shots), and instead of tapering off and calming down, he just stopped all together. He stopped crying, he stopped moving, and he stopped breathing. You’ve probably seen kids do this when they’re really crying. That thing they do right after a long scream when they’re trying to catch their breath again. It sounds like it was like that, except instead of that long hiccuping breath at the end, he just stopped moving.

Of course the pediatrician was right there, and told Kayleigh to do just what we always did when Amelia used to get panicky. Kayleigh blew in his face and from what she told me he started breathing again, but immediately went to sleep (or you could say he passed out). The fact that he went to sleep made the Doctor a little nervous so she asked Kayleigh to stay in the office until he woke up. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure they were there for more than an hour. After he woke up Kayleigh called to let me know that the Pediatrician was concerned because Declan was looking a little pale when he woke up. She was going to call the Neurosurgeon and check in with them to find out if they needed to see Declan. I tried to stay at work a little longer after that, but was too stressed so I went home.

Once I got home I got to hear the whole story, and I found out that the Pediatrician was worried that Declan may have had a seizure. This was why she wanted to talk to the Neurosurgeon. We sat around wating for what felt like way too long wondering if we were going to need to pack up and make a trip to the emergency room, and then the phone finally rang. A nurse called to let us know that the two doctors had talked with each other and decided that it wasn’t a seizure. Declan is just an advanced little guy, and learned early to hold his breath until he passes out. As the title says, I’m pretty sure he was just messing with us. I can almost imagine him saying to himself, “This’ll show ’em to stick me with needles!”

While it was a scary time, at least we know Declan is healthy. Compared to Amelia (who was born 5 weeks early and was a tiny little thing) he’s a giant. He can already stand up for a few seconds if we put his arms on the coffee table. He acts like he’s about ready to start crawling any day now. Also, I got him to say Mama once, but he hasn’t repeated it since the one time. I’m sure he and his sister will be testing us many more times and giving us many more grey hairs, but I think we handled this test pretty well.

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  1. Yo Sister Foo

    I told K, I was a little proud of him. What a will!

  2. Roland suggested I share my experience, at the pediatrician’s, here. Declan was crying so hard he wasn’t breathing. When I picked him up to sooth him he got ridged, I held him forward to see him red, his little lips were tight, and had a far off look in his eye, still not breathing but not crying. The pediatrician was right there and calmly instructed me to blow in his face and he took a breath. As I sat talking with the Dr. we observed Declan’s color wasn’t coming back. The Dr was reassuring me “everything is OK, if he had had a seizure his color wouldn’t be good and he would be falling asleep” as he fell asleep. She asked if I would stay until he woke up, just in case, that way I wouldn’t be alone and she could observe him. So we moved to a room with a couch and Amelia got to have a snack and watch Cinderella while I made calls. When he woke Declan was all smiles and coos. It was scary, possibly terrifying but I was in the safest place and had an expert walking me through the entire experience so I didn’t really notice I was scared until it was over. Through out this entire experience pre-surgery to now I feel remarkably lucky, that our experience has free of much of the terror that could have been. we found out early before most symptoms were present, and now this I can’t think of a better place to think your child is having a seizure than right next to your pediatrician. The waiting was agonizing but I am getting better at shifting my thoughts, this was excellent training.

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